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NIV International Translations agency Ltd was established 25 years ago by Mali Maayani-Ben Ari, certified translator with a translator degree from Bar-Ilan University and MA + BA degrees in English from University of Miami, USA. Our company has been rendering our excellent translation services in all languages and areas and we are ready and able to provide you with the best quality product in a variety of language combinations and subject matter.

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About Us

NIV International Translations Ltd, one of the most experienced and respected translations agencies in Israel. The company enjoys the services of a professionally experienced and variegated team, which has been consistently employed by us throughout the years in a great number of languages and numerous areas.

We are a professional translators group specializing in all fields and languages, the writing of business plans and marketing communications, catering almost exclusively to the business community. We especially focus on technical translations in the Hi tech and Hi Tech related fields. We have wide experience with machining industries as well. We offer high quality translations, technical writing and editing of documentation and software from major European languages to Oriental languages as well as Hebrew and vice versa. We have developed special working methods for technical translations. We look for the direct contact with the technical writers, developers and target language providers. We aim at the highest quality levels usually achieved by local translators.

NIV International Translations Ltd caters to a variety of customers among which are private, business and institutional ones, both in Israel and abroad.

Cutting edge technology has enabled the international arena with its multitude of companies and businesses to branch out well beyond their geographical boundaries, to shatter limits and to identify as well as reach new, diverse target audiences. Never has there been more fascinating opportunities available to operate in the international market and to bridge distances while bringing people and nations closer together. The adaptation of products and services to specific target audiences in every area, culture and language requires translation – and this is where we enter the picture.

Our Team

Our company employs a large team of translators who are experienced in all areas and languages, including: Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Scandinavian languages and, of course, English and Hebrew.

All translators employed by NIV International Translations Ltd have an in-depth understanding of the various types of materials and subject matters. The more precise the client is with their request, the more the end translation meets their specifications. Be it British English, American English, South African English or Australian English – we can provide a local solution. This holds true for the various dialects of French, Spanish and Portuguese.

NIV International Translations Ltd can simultaneously employ several teams of translators and editors while maintaining translation consistency and compliance with timetables, meeting even particularly tight deadlines. With the help of various technologies and communication devices, you are never far away from us even when overseas. Our translators are chosen for a job based on their areas of expertise, experience and availability so that clients receive the best possible finished product on time.

Not Everyone Who Knows How to Speak a Language is Capable of Translating That Language

As an experienced translation company that has been in the business for a long time, NIV International Translations Ltd employs only top notch translators whose sole occupation is translation. It is difficult to find professional translators who dedicate time to language and the written word, since the art of translation requires a significant investment of time, reading and training, and is not right for everyone.

 News Flash – translation is not an exact science. One sentence can be translated in several ways. As such, in order to achieve optimal and the most reliable results, we must receive the most exact and updated information available.

At NIV International Translations Ltd, our translators are divided into their areas of expertise. Legal material is translated by lawyers and jurists. Medical material is translated by doctors and medical students. Economic material is translated by accountants, economists, etc. Our translators also reserve judgment on whether to translate material prior to starting the translation. In cases when our translators prefer not to translate specific material, we find a more suitable translator for that specific material and language. In other cases, translators might not accept a job due to time and supply constraints.

Our translators view their work as a professional calling, and produce top quality products. Our translators know how to research areas relevant to their work and use professional reference books, literature and translation forums on the net to achieve optimal results. They will always find the best option that will comply with the client’s needs and specifications. Furthermore, the translations undergo meticulous quality control (through other translators) so that the end client receives the best possible product.

Translations Services

We offer all types of translations and interpretation, globalization and localization services. We also provide proofreading, editing and copywriting services. Our professional translators translate in all fields of translations such as legal, technical, medical, commercial, and many others. We translates to and from Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish Polish and all the Asian languages. We are prompt, precise and are always in command of the required subject matter. Here are some of our services:

  • Interpreting for conventions, conferences.
  • Preparation of documents for notarization.
  • Translation at courtroom and business meetings.
  • Website translations.
  • General and specialized translations.
  • Translation of annual reports.
  • Movies and transcripts

תרגום רפואי - לוגו Medical translation

Medical translation must be meticulous and precise, with unmistakable wording. The quality of the translation is of prime importance since any error or inaccuracy might have devastating results. NIV International Translations Ltd. employs a team of professional, experienced translators who are specialists in their field. Many of our translators are retired doctors and medical students who specialize in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatric medicine, surgery, gynecology, preventative medicine, anesthesiology, orthopedics, forensic medicine, neurology, psychiatry, etc.

עסקי  Business Translation

Business-economic translations focus on the translation of presentations, business plans, financial correspondences, price quotes, reports, company profiles, etc. Translators in this field must have an accounting background as well as in-depth knowledge of corporate law and of the format required for submitting financial statements. They must also remain updated on terms and phrases. In order for a business-economic translation to be considered top quality, the translations must be written in a concise marketing-oriented style that reflects knowledge of the professional jargon.

סימולטני  Simultaneous Translation

team of simultaneous interpreters in a multitude of languages to work at international conferences, government delegations, in court, at conferences and committees on education, tourism, economics, marketing, medicine, energy, agriculture, green environment, art, law, festivals and performances.

אינטרנט Website Translation

Website translation, a basic requirement for any business today, must be localized and adapted to comply with the specific country and culture in every market and local market.

NIV International Translations Ltd. knows that websites today are the calling card for any self-respecting business that wishes to promote its operations in the international arena. Today, it is easier than ever to market products and services overseas. Many companies are channeling their efforts at reaching alternative markets around the world, as part of their marketing strategy. This is an important marketing goal that helps promote and optimize business. A multi-language website that is translated into several languages will help you, the client, present your products or material to an unlimited number of potential customers around the world. Being thoroughly familiar with the target culture, our translators will review the content and localize the website to each target country. Our translators know the local customers and understand their language and nuances. Your business expansion into other countries must take into account the culture of the target audience. Localization will help you intelligently achieve your goals while maximize profits at the same time.
Here are some examples of websites translated by us:


• TIPH -Temporary International Presence in the city of Hebron-








משפטי  Legal Translation

Legal translation requires uncompromising professionalism and accuracy as well as compliance with non-disclosure, confidentiality and privacy terms. NIV International Translations Ltd. guarantees that its clients receive professional, quality translations. Our translators are all highly experienced and prominent lawyers and jurists who are thoroughly familiar with the legal system in the target countries into whose language the documents are being translated. Their comprehension of the translated material and their knowledge of legal phrases as well as the laws in the target countries guarantees top notch translations. As an integral part of the translation, we provide precision visual editing of documents that is based on the designated standards in the relevant legal framework. We are experts in contracts and agreements translations (all done by lawyers).

טכני  Technical Translation

Technical translations specialize in the translation of technical documents such as operating manuals, specifications, instructions, assistance files, standards, etc. Translations in this area requires specific knowledge of the professional technical jargon as well as references to concepts from a range of sectors such as engineering, computers, software, electronics, electricity, communications, aviation, equipment, etc. In addition to expert knowledge of technical concepts, translators must possess a broad understanding of various fields so that the translation will be complete and intelligible. Technical translations require tremendous precision and extensive professional knowledge of complex graphics that must be adapted within the document (no extra fee) as well as an ability to accurately recreate the document’s original format.

מקצועי  Notary Translation

NIV International Translations Ltd. provides notary translation solutions for an array of documents, including: affidavits, various certificates, various approvals – in all languages!
The translation of official documents requires precision and the exclusive use of professional terms approved by the relevant official bodies. We notarize simple documents as well as provide official stamps as apostil etc.